Feces Therapy gaining steam in the medical community

Would you ingest pills that contained poop if they promised to make you thinner? Would you put poop on your face as an acne treatment? It sounds repulsive, but stay with us. Fecal matter was actually approved for medical use by the FDA in 2013, and people all over the world are advocating the benefits of Feces Therapy.

Around the fourth century in China, a medicine called “yellow soup” was prescribed to treat diarrhea. “Yellow soup” is nothing more than feces – yes, poop – from a healthy person that has been prepared as a medicine for a person with diarrhea. What is objectionable to those of us in the Western world is customary to those in others. But these ancient Chinese medical treatments are the first documented cases of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) we know of.

Yellow soup made from the diarrhea of a young college woman.

Feces has also been used in other medical applications. Newborns in other countries are said to receive some of the mother’s stool by mouth, which is thought to provide an immediate population of good bacteria in the baby’s colon. This is believed to jump-start the baby’s immune system. And veterinarians have used FMT for over 100 years with outstanding success. Feces has not only been shown to treat issues that affect the gut of animals, but it has also been credited with resolving skin issues like dermatitis, compulsive behaviors like coprophagia, and emotional disorders like anxiety in both dogs and cats.

After a long push by proponents who proved that feces has been used regularly for decades in many countries as the treatment of choice for a variety of ailments, FMT was given the green light by the FDA. Fecal matter was approved for use as an Investigational New Drug and Biologic for humans in 2013.

Feces provided by donors to Pittsburgh medical providers are frozen until they are needed for FMT.

FMT was first attempted by a medical doctor who heard of other successful procedures in dogs. He fed a patient suffering from Clostridium difficile (C. diff) blended feces from a healthy person through a nasogastric tube. According to the records, the patient made a complete recovery within days. The doctor performed the alternative treatment on around 100 other C. diff patients with 97% of them making a full recovery within days, from just one treatment.

While FMT is approved by the FDA, its uses by medical professionals are limited by strict regulations, and only about 100 doctors in the United Stats are qualified to perform FMT. The Fecal Transplant Foundation aims to change that by providing support and research for people seeking relief not only from the effects of C.diff, but other intestinal disorders, such as ulcerative colitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In 2017, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital began studying what happens when an obese person ingests the feces of a lean, healthy person. The idea is that the microbiomes that exist in a healthy person’s poop can have a transformative effect in the gut of an unhealthy person, resulting in weight loss triggered by a complete change in gut bacterium.

What is Feces Therapy?

The basic definition of Feces Therapy (FT) or “fecepathy” is using feces internally or externally as a way to aid or sustain your heath. Fecepathy practices include ingesting, injecting, massaging with, and bathing in feces. With minimal effort, feces can be made into tinctures, oils, creams, dried for pills, or processed for use as a food additive.

Feces can also be served fresh alongside other fresh ingredients (not recommended for beginners).

Feces therapy is believed to be good not only for for what ails you, but also as a preventative health measure. A rising number of people are practicing feces therapy for other ailments as an alternative to conventional medicine — and they report tremendous success. Practitioners of FT say it cures everything from split ends and acne to diabetes and cancer.

So why is fecepathy so effective? Feces contains antibodies, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other valuable biochemicals. When biochemicals from a healthy person are released into the body of a sick person, the immune stimulating factors protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi, and can even have a regenerative effect.

It sounds too good to be true, but feces therapy has received the full support of the Foundation. Advocates are quick to point out that not a single case of any unfavorable effects have ever been found in people receiving feces in any form as a medical, health, beauty or preventative maintenance treatment.

Liquefied feces can be used in many applications. These particular samples are being prepared for syringes, as an injectable.

There is a lot that scientists have to learn about the microbes in our feces and what they do. But what they have learned so far is that feces has a wide variety of practical medical applications, and is a low-cost, highly-effective treatment for a variety of health and beauty conditions.

The Power of Poop

People who practice fecepathy as a homeopathic remedy for their ailments rarely mention it to others, as social conditioning invariably prompts a strong negative reaction. However, those willing to talk about it can provide documented reports of the effectiveness of feces therapy, touting it as a universal medicine.

Camilla Lucille is a vegan, a foodie, and a feces therapy advocate. She finds that using her own feces as medicine is having a positive effect. “Using feces on my face has really improved my skin’s texture by reducing the size of my pores! It also leaves a healthy glow that lasts for hours. I’m done spending hundreds of dollars on organic skin care. I can literally make my own!”

Diane Webb, a home health care worker, has found that fecepathy has cured a skin condition she has struggled with her entire life. “It only took about six months for rosacea to completely clear up! I tried countless prescription medicines and nothing worked for me, until I tried rubbing my own feces on my face. I am never going back to conventional medicine again.”

Camilla and Diane (along with their friend Sara) use each others feces in their face masks for maximum health benefits.

When applied to the skin and hair, feces rejuvenates the appearance, protects against UV rays, and even reverses signs of aging.

There are various ways to use feces as a homeopathic remedy, including salves, tinctures and lotions. It generally it is advisable to start with small amounts. This is not only to get accustomed to the taste and smell of it, but also to slow down any healing reactions. Healing reactions from feces therapy may manifest as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, or skin problems.

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