That’s Pretty Good Science (TPGScience) is satirical. The articles on this site may or may not use real names in semi-real and mostly fictitious ways. Most of the people we interview do not exist. References to famous or well-known are obviously based on real people, but the story itself is probably fiction.

All of the articles on this site are alt-science; yet somehow they still validate your personal beliefs and opinions and therefore make you feel pretty good, and can be used against your unsuspecting friends to win an argument.

Any resemblance to the truth on this site is purely coincidental, unless it’s  not. Any references to Atlantis or Kentucky are used in a mostly fictitious way. Also, dinosaurs never existed.

We don’t give advice that anyone should use. You shouldn’t do any of the things we tell you to do. If you do, we feel bad for you, son.

No one who writes for this website is in any way professional or qualified to give any type of advice whatsoever. If you’re looking for professional help, you’re in the wrong place.

They’re all laughing at you.