Baby Yoda using jedi powers to change young liberal minds

The Mandalorian = MAGA? Meet “The Baby Yoda Effect”

Is the cute and lovable young Yoda from the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” using subliminal messages to change young liberal minds?

Pyongyang Circus giraffes give birth to their own performers

Yes, you read that correctly! While most of the world has been anxiously awaiting the birth of April’s baby giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, the Pyongyang Circus out of North Korea has reported that not one, but two of their giraffes have given birth to healthy human babies who are slated to become circus performers by the…

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Science has the answer.

It’s a question that’s been causing a stir since the invention of the hot dog bun in 1871. The bun, originally intended as a way to protect the eater’s hands from being burned by the hot dog, is now almost synonymous with the tube meat it envelopes — and is the catalyst for the controversy surrounding…