Dinosaur Toys More Dangerous For Kids Than Other Stuff, says MADTFCIOCLLC

Moms Against Dangerous Toys For Children In Our Communities, LLC (MADTFCIOCLLC) has released their list of most dangerous toys for children, and it is no surprise that their list is saturated with dinosaur toys. The imaginary satanic creatures that some toy makers have decided would be great playthings have long been known to not only scare some children, but incite violence and arouse anger in other children. Exposure to these toys are likely to blame for most behavioral problems seen in adolescents, and can lead to serious problems in adulthood.

Moms Against Dangerous Toys for Children in Our Communities, LLC (MADTFCIOCLLC) is an organization dedicated to ensuring our children have play environments full of safe and non-violent toys that promote good values, encourage friendliness, and portray wholesomeness. Dinosaurs do not fall into this category.

For the sake of our children, MADTFCIOCLLC is stepping up to the plate and saying enough is enough. Their list of Most Dangerous Toys is a growing list of some of the worst toys for children of all age ranges. The women at MADTFCIOCLLC were not surprised to find that dinosaur toys are the worst offenders, causing more scares and more injuries than any other toy on the market. “We really want to get these dangerous dinosaur toys off the shelf for the safety of our children,” MADTFCIOCLLC spokeswoman Kim Butters said.

Some of the toys deemed the most dangerous include a dinosaur research playset that encourages children to promote dinosaur lies, eggs that hatch into scary looking dinosaurs, and “toy” guard/motion sensors with “5 mighty roar sounds” that roar at people and alert juvenile delinquents that adults are closing in.

“Jurassic Park Made It Worse”
With the rise in popularity of Jurassic World recently, it is of little surprise that dangerous dinosaur toys have made a comeback. And they continue to flood the toy market with a vengeance.

“We had several years where these dinosaur toys were nearly eliminated from the shelves,” Butters said, who is located in a small community outside Toledo, Ohio. “In several school districts in Ohio, MADTFCIOCLLC has completely eliminated dinosaur curriculum in the classroom. What we found here was that most kids in the area were choosing other, more wholesome toys to play with. We think that removing dinosaurs from their curriculum played a huge role in that.”

This undated photo shows toy dinosaur claws designed to be worn by children as young as age 4. The claws are intended for the children to use to cause eye and facial injuries to their friends and family members.

But Hollywood reared its ugly head, and the children of Ohio–and the rest of the country–are now under attack. “Before, they weren’t getting Hollywood propaganda shoved down their throats every day,” Butters said. “Jurassic World made it so much worse. It’s practically all the kids see at the toy store anymore. And it’s frustrating.”

Dinosaurs Are Dangerous
A Chomping Indominus Rex, a Stomp and Strike Tyrannasaurus Rex, and a Bashers & Biters line of plastic toys released under the Jurassic World brand are renewing the idea that fighting and biting is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

In October, three children were suspended from Oaklawn Elementary School in Boise, Idaho for pretending to be dinosaurs and biting other children. In Eerie, Indiana in July, a group of fourth graders were sent to the minor emergency room after a “clawing and biting” dinosaur game drew blood from several of the children.

MADTFCIOCLLC is hoping they can make a difference in the lives of children like these by ensuring the dinosaur influences in their lives are eliminated for good.

After being needlessly scared by violent dinosaur imagery and sounds at the hands of his alleged loving father, and after crying out “daddy” several times for help to no avail, this boy responds to his father’s statement of “I love you” with skepticism and doubt written all over his face.


It’s going to take more than a war on toys to squelch the massive industry based on lies, however. And MADTFCIOCLLC understands that the work they are doing is only part of the solution. The Museum Industry Complex (MIC) has a vested interest in keeping dinosaurs at the forefront, and it’s going to take a concerted, organized effort to really make a difference.

“It’s now or never,” Butters sighed. “Kids grow fast and before you know it, the damage has been done.


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