Is Your Lip Balm Killing You? 5 Ways To Check.

1. Blistered, Red, or Chapped Lips


Are your lips red, blistered, chapped, or irritated after you use your lip balm? You might be allergic to ingredients in your lip balm that are trying to kill you.

2. Herpes


Do you have herpes? It’s probably from your lip balm. You should throw it out before that spreads.

3. Tiny Swords


Are there tiny swords in your lip balm that poke you? Your lip balm might be trying to kill you with these tiny swords.

4. Staring Contests


Does your lip balm have staring contests with you? This is because it is plotting your death.

5. Steven Avery


Is your lip balm Steven Avery? Then it is a murderer.

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