Nootropics: What You Need To Know

Biohacking is a fairly new practice that involves taking drugs to alter your body’s biochemistry and the way your brain works. People are experimenting with different types of drugs called nootropics that are believed by some to improve cognitive performance.

Derived from the Greek words nous, meaning “mind,” and trepein meaning “bend,” nootropics is a street name for any supplement that claims to increase alertness, cognition or focus and give mind bending experiences. But is there a danger lurking in these seemingly harmless brain-boosting supplements?

These cognitive enhancers can be purchased over-the-counter or online, and are being used by students, professionals, athletes, and the elderly across the globe. They say it’s not for recreational use, but rather to improve memory and focus. However, it seems give some people a lust for flesh, and not in a positive way.

Using nootropics will not turn you into Superman. You may feel like Tom Selleck in a Superman costume, but you won’t actually be Tom Selleck in a Superman costume.

The idea of nootropics has been around since the 1970’s, but only gained popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the movie Limitless. In the movie, the main character is given a “smart drug,” or a nootropic, which gives him superhuman cognitive and physical abilities. Therefore, many people begin their nootropic quest with that in mind, and expect to achieve the same superhuman results. They don’t realize the horrors that may await.

Nootropics will not give you superhuman abilities. Biohacking will not grant you the ability to learn to play an instrument in three days. You will not learn to speak multiple languages with no effort. Your eyes will not change color by ingesting a so-called “smart drug.”

However, some interesting and perhaps even terrible things may happen to you should you chose to use certain nootropics in an attempt to alter your biochemistry and enhance your cognitive function. You might end up dead.

Nootropics makes all these little strings in your brain disconnect. You need them connected or else you will be a zombie.

Sources say that nootropics may contain cathinone, the main ingredient in the drug bath salts, or alpha-PVP, the main ingredient in the drug known as flakka or gravel. These ‘devil drugs,’ as many are calling them, wreak havoc in communities and are apparently no different than rat poison. They will kill you. These ingredients do give feelings of super human strength, but instead of providing enhanced cognitive function, they actually cause long-lasting neurological damage and turn you into a flesh-eating zombie.

“We see people all time who take these so-called ‘smart drugs’ and then end up turning into flesh-eating zombies,” one drug abuse epidemiologist told me under the condition of anonymity. “And then they die. If they’re lucky.” 

If you take nootropics, this is what could happen to you.

Aaron Blank is one of the unlucky ones who didn’t die. In addition to being brain damaged and suffering from congestive heart failure due to kettleball exercises, his neurological functions are irreparably damaged from taking nootropics that turned him into a flesh eater, and daily tasks are a struggle now. Despite the brain damage and reduced neurological functions, Aaron still remembers some of his experiences with nootropics.

I used some nootropics I bought online from China to stay focused and alert during really long training sets with kettleballs,” he says with drool dripping from one side of his mouth. “I stopped taking them because I would always end up naked and biting the people around me.”

If you are looking to increase your cognitive function and mental focus by injecting or snorting nootropics with devil drugs in them, you will probably end up a zombie. Expect seizures, paranoia, and delusions as soon as you hit the pipe. You will probably act psychotic, aggressive, and attempt to bite people, and may end up injuring yourself or others.

Before and after nootropics.

Nootropics are reported to increase the desire for blood and make the taste of flesh sound appetizing. You can often find nootropics users eating rare meat before they succumb to the desire for human flesh. People who use nootropics usually have blood around their mouths, are very pale, and are trying to attack you, probably with their teeth. If you find yourself being attacked by a nootropics user, consider taking these steps: Nootropics Attack Counter Moves.

Jeffrey Dahmer was reportedly a heavy nootropics user, taking heavy doses on a daily basis. A famous boxer was reported to have taken a lethal doses of nootropics prior to his fights, giving him an insatiable lust for blood. But nootropics are still widely available, despite these deadly facts.

This man survived a nootropics-induced attack on his ear.

Based on all of this, nootropics are probably extremely dangerous and a threat to our future. They will probably make you a zombie and destroy your neurological functions if you take them, based on the scientific evidence. Government officials should take note of this new trend and put a stop to it before it takes over our communities. Our brains our at stake.

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