Is Fluoride To Blame For Flint’s Water Crisis?

The government may not be telling you the true story about what is happening in Flint.

Fluoridated water may be to blame for the recent trouble with the water supply in Flint, according to top scientists. The toxic effects that people are seeing and feeling may not only be due to lead poisoning, but could be the side effects of fluoride toxicity.

Water with added fluoride runs from a sink in Flint, Michigan. Ever since fluoride has been added to the water supply, it has looked like this.

Recent tests of the water supply have confirmed the presence of lead, likely due to old water pipes carrying water to the residents of Flint. However, the mainstream media refuses to address the presence of excessive fluoride in the water and how it may be contributing to the crisis.

The people of Flint have been complaining about the excessive fluoride for some time, but their cries have fallen on deaf ears. Residents are right to complain–excessive fluoride exposure can lead to skeletal fluorosis, which is associated with osteosclerosis, or the calcification of tendons and ligaments and bone deformities. The people of Flint may be suffering from this crippling disorder and we wouldn’t know, because the mainstream media won’t tell you that story.

These pipes were clean when they were installed, but after water with excessive fluoride was allowed to travel through them, they ended up looking like this.

Research shows that the fluoride bill in Flint has been through the roof, which could have been a contributing factor in the financial troubles the city has experienced in recent years. “I don’t think anyone was paying attention to it,” one investigator close to the investigation said. “Their fluoride bills were high. Really, really high. That could be what bankrupted them.”

The investigator directing the independent investigation obtained samples of the water in Flint. However, the results he received were surprising. Tests showed absolutely no fluoride in the water, even though there should have been excessive amounts.

untitled (1)
This investigator cannot believe how high the fluoride bill in Flint has been. He also can’t believe there is no fluoride in the water. It’s no wonder they are bankrupt.

The investigator thinks he knows why his independent tests showed no fluoride. “Maybe the fluoride bill was so high they couldn’t afford to pay it. If the bill was so high it couldn’t be paid, the fluoride was probably shut off, and that could be why it didn’t show up in the most recent tests.”

There is probably a reason why the people of Flint are getting sick, and the reason could be fluoride poisoning. With the mainstream media ignoring this potential factor in the water crisis, fixing the problem is going to be an uphill battle.


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