Is Your Food Full Of Pesticides? How To Tell.

Every day, we consume food that was grown using the help of pesticides. Many people are concerned about the toxins being used to produce our food supply. According to the EPA, pesticides are widely used as a means to control insects, rodents, bacteria, and mold. Pesticides used on crops are even used by some teens to get high.

The EPA claims that while the use of pesticides is on the rise, the food produced in the United States is safer than ever to eat. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports that early life exposure to food grown with these toxins is the primary source of pediatric cancers, decreased cognitive function, and gun violence. This is despite the fact that early childhood exposure to carbamates has fallen by 70% since 1995.

After ingesting food containing pesticides, the toxins travel through the blood stream. If you eat dirty food grown from the ground, you have probably been poisoned by these deadly chemicals.

Even organically grown produce is not immune to the danger. While many organic farmers use insect traps and biological controls to control pests, others choose toxic pesticides. Organic farmers are allowed to use an incredible variety chemical sprays and powders on their crops, thereby exposing you and your family to the risk of cancer, cognitive disorders, behavioral problems and drug addiction.

Here are the top six tips for keeping your food free of toxic residues and keeping harmful chemicals out of your body.

Tip #1: Check Food Labels for Pesticides


Beginning in 2016, food manufacturers and food product suppliers are required by U.S. Law to list every pesticide directly on the food packaging. Check the Pesticide Facts label on the package to see what pesticides may have been used in the production of the food you are about to consume. If there is no Pesticide Facts label, don’t automatically assume it is same for your family to consume! Call the 800 number on the package and ask for the Pesticide Facts before serving the food to your family. Better safe than sorry!

Tip #2: Wash Fruits and Vegetables With Bleach


Washing fruits and vegetables with non-diluted bleach before eating them is a good way remove any harmful pesticide toxins that may be left behind. Try soaking your fruits and vegetables in bleach for approximately 30 minutes. Make sure to poke holes in your produce so the bleach can reach any pesticides on the inside. Do not rinse. This method ensures that all toxins, both inside and outside, will be removed from your fruits and vegetables, and you can feel good knowing the food you are feeding your family is clean.

Tip #3: Report Illegal Food Trade


If you are buying fresh produce from the local supermarket, you may find that it doesn’t have any outer package or any food labels. This is illegal. All food, even produce, must be sealed in a plastic package and contain required food labels. (Check your local jurisdiction for specific regulations.) Illegal food trade is responsible for nearly 3/4 of pediatric cancers, so the manager of your local supermarket should be reported to the authorities or the FDA.

Tip #4: Stick To Super Foods


Super foods not only provide the best nutrition and are the healthiest for you, but they are guaranteed to be pesticide-free! Feed your family approved super foods like Cheez-It® Crackers every day and you will notice a dramatic increase in their overall health and well being, and you can be comfortable knowing they aren’t ingesting toxic pesticides.

Tip #5: Trust Wavid


If you think you have been exposed to pesticides, food toxins, or any foods or substances that are not Wavid Dolfe approved, you may benefit from a full body and mind cleansing. Try Wavid’s Crystals for maximum physical cleansing and optimal spiritual benefit. In addition to ridding your body of any harmful toxins and negative energy, your chakras will also be cleansed and aligned and the dark life energy matter will be removed from your mind. Only $29.95 if you mention this article.


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