Are HIV-Infected Bananas A Threat To Your Health?

maxresdefault-1-copyEating healthy is important, but you don’t want to get AIDS in the process. You may be fueling yourself with HIV-infected bananas without even knowing it.

HIV-infected bananas are infiltrating the United States marketplace, and authorities aren’t sure how to stop it or who is doing it. The fruits have found their way to households across America, and have reportedly already infected up to a thousand people with the HIV virus.

Last month, 8 children under the age of 17 were diagnosed as HIV-positive after purchasing and consuming HIV-infected bananas from a Tulsa, Oklahoma supermarket chain.

This is one of the HIV-infected bananas that was purchased in Tulsa, Oklahoma and fed to a child. It was later confirmed that the bloody banana bits the child consumed contained the HIV virus, and he was infected. 

People in South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Michigan, and multiple other states have also reportedly been affected by these HIV-infected bananas.

It’s not just HIV-infected bananas that are being fingered by the unsuspecting consumers who are now infected with AIDS. There have been previous cases of oranges being tainted with the HIV virus.

Immigration services in Algeria have circumvented numerous shipments of HIV-infected oranges from reaching the United States since 2014. However, some of these tainted oranges have made it to America, either from Libya or other sources.

Imported fruits are popular among people who want to infect Americans with AIDS, because these imported fruits are often seen as exotic and luxurious.

The HIV-infected oranges are especially appealing to Americans because they are easily confused with blood oranges. Unlike naturally grown blood oranges, these oranges contain human blood and HIV.

The known sham website Snopes claimed to debunk the HIV-infected bananas story back in November 2015, and posted a similar article earlier in the year about HIV-infected oranges. However, it’s clear that no research went into their article. Their conclusion was based on other opinions on the internet. They simply chose a side without looking at all of the facts.

The conclusion made by Snopes is neither definitive or accurate, and they even admit as much by saying their explanation of “fungal rot” is only a possibility. No fungal rot has ever been found in any of the affected fruit. But HIV-infected blood has.


Amanda Andrys, a stay-at-home mom in Colorado, became concerned when she noticed blood in the fruit she was about to feed her son. Her sister’s friend, Anna Aquavia, was also concerned. “This happened to my friends sister,” Anna said. “Someone is injecting blood into bananas.”

The claim was met with much doubt, including the vicious article by the Mikkelsons previously mentioned. However, there is concrete evidence to back up the claims of the HIV-infected bananas. “The hospital tested the banana and it is indeed blood,” Anna confirmed.

Anna’s original post about the HIV-infected bananas is still on Facebook, but her profile has been removed due to the constant harassment and gang stalking she endured after exposing this serious threat to America.

Americans are well aware of the previous HIV-infected oranges incidents involving Libya and Algeria, so it is not difficult to believe they have moved on to bananas. However, the method of injecting the fruit is becoming more advanced. Researchers think that HIV-infected blood is being injected directly into the plant roots instead of the fruit itself, so the entire plant is affected.

“This could have a serious affect on the future of our crops, if true,” said Jim Brown, a horticulturalist with Nebraska State University. “If there is HIV-infected blood being inserted into the genetic makeup of these plants, we could be altering the genomic sequence of all future plant seeds of that type. And that’s going to be detrimental.”

The leaves of an HIV-infected banana tree. Researchers believe that terrorists are now altering the genetic sequence of these Cavendish banana plants, which could affect all future crops.

Why are they doing this? “They hate America,” Brown said. “It’s as simple as that.”

“A lot of Americans eat bananas,” nutritionist Rudy Roe with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said. “I think that’s why they chose bananas.” She suggests people avoid eating oranges and bananas all together until the threat passes. “As far as we know, the cavendish is the only variety of banana affected. But you never know when they could move on to the next variety or fruit all together, so better safe than sorry.”

Roe recommends eating a pesticide-free balanced diet, and assures that you can get the nutrients you are missing from your bananas and oranges from other sources.

“Bananas are a great source of fiber, but they aren’t your only source. Try supplementing your daily banana with a serving of Cheez-Itsfor example, to get that fiber you may be missing out on.”

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