Blue Whale Linked To Teen Deaths?

Said to be inspired by blue whales, a new sinister craze is sweeping across Russian Facebook groups. Teenagers are taking their own lives after participating in a  blue whale game, leaving baffled parents and researchers in their wake. Over 130 deaths have been reported so far, and teenagers are scrambling to take their own lives at the behest of the blue whale.

This is the alleged blue whale who is responsible for coaxing over 130 Russian teenagers into committing suicide via the internet.

The reports are eerily reminiscent of Slender Man, the man who drove two young girls to murder in 2014. Russian journalists are reporting that teens are carving the blue whale into their skin as part of the game. “We’ve never known blue whales to encourage children to self-harm,” marine biologist Hank Friedman said. “We always assumed blue whales were friendly creatures. We’ve never seen blue whales encourage children to cut themselves.”

A teenager reportedly carved this whale into her arm because the blue whale said so, but scientists believe blue whales would never do that.

Blue whales have long been known for being non-violent towards humans. A human is far too large for blue whales to consume, as their throats are too small. They typically enjoy a diet of small creatures, like krill or fish. Scientists have believed until now that blue whales to not display aggressive behaviors toward humans. As it turns out, the blue whales may not be as friendly as we originally thought.

Blue Whale Clan ain’t nothing to f*ck with.

“I am your personal whale,” a blue whale reportedly told one of the teenagers in the online Facebook group. “I am the largest mammal that ever lived on earth. I am going to follow you wherever you go and make whale noises.” The teenager later killed herself.

Researchers are currently trying to figure out how the blue whale obtained internet access and a Facebook account.


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  1. I love your “news” stories they are funny ect..but this blue whale one isnt since kids did take their lives in a game called something similar..keep up the funny and good work… everything but this story was funny. Keep it in perspective.


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