Do you watch pimple popping videos? You might be a psychopath.

More and more people admit to being weirdly satisfied by watching a pimple being popped on someone else. Some people say it’s relaxing, some people say it eases their anxiety. But it may actually mean you are a psychopath.

Does this picture excite you? Then there is something seriously wrong with you, according to science.

The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), the psychopath diagnostic tool designed by Robert Hare, is used to develop clinical diagnoses in the mentally ill. The test has a maximum score of 40, with a score of 30 indicating clinical psychopathy. Researchers have recently discovered a stunning correlation between individuals who scored over 30 on the PCL-R and people who watch pimple popping videos on a regular basis. (Note: For the purposes of the study, “a regular basis” is defined as more than three times per week.)

If you wish you could pop these, you are sick person with something wrong, and should seek help immediately.

“Psychopaths tend to lack empathy and regret, as well as display a wide manner of reckless and violent behavior. Couple this with their obsessiveness, narcissism, and their love of making people feel uncomfortable, it shouldn’t be any surprise that psychopaths are drawn to videos like these,” one of the researchers was quoted as saying. “The reason why they find it relaxing is because they are seeing pain inflicted on someone else, and they enjoy seeing that. They’d rather be seeing someone in pain than whatever it is they were doing that drove them to seek out the video in the first place.”

If you see a little bear face in this photo with big eyes and a big nose and a tiny little mouth, there is something wrong with you because those are blackheads, there is no face there.

Is everyone who enjoys watching pimple popping videos a psychopath? Probably, according to science. “No one who tested lower than a 30, which is the score for clinical psychopathy, enjoys watching pimple popping videos. If you enjoy watching those kinds of videos, you are an indisputable psychopath.”

All hope is not lost, however. Recent studies have shown that psychopaths tend to respond well to a diet chock full of superfoods that keeps gut microbiota in check.

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